SB045- Get your very own Cover for your Book

Get that cover you have always wanted, AND help a good cause

This package constitutes the production of a single image 12 megapixels in size.  TIFF and JPG versions will be provided via to the winner at delivery, and we can discuss rights at that point. I always reserve the right to put the song in my portfolios, and nearly always give permission for it to be used in Creative Commons projects freely.

For samples please see,, and I can send more upon request.

I deliver the package in several stages:

Stage 1: Email/Phone/Skype consultation- This is where I learn about you and your cause, be it a book, charity or business.  I come up with as many image ideas as I possibly can, and we decide upon the best course of action for your image.

Stage 2: Initial mockup review- This is where we have some review time & discuss our successes and failures with the image.  I address concerns and learn how to better serve your needs.  Loads of emails as well in process.

Stage 3: Refinement- This is the final stage of the package, where you submit to me a list of revisions.  I will do my best to adjust the image, as needed for the project, but will only be able to make three revisions.  You are welcome to purchase additional revisions at an hourly rate, though three is usually more than enough.

Responses take at most seven days.  Please note that the speed of the project is entirely dependent on the responses of the client, and thus, I cannot set a fast delivery date.  The winner of this auction will receive my contact information.

This set will be auctioned in the Bespoke items timeslot on February 27th

Can’t make the event?  Then place a proxy bid

Donated by Junkers Odiar from Greed Radio