SB046- Become a zombie!!

I am auctioning off a part in my upcoming audio series “On The Edge Of Darkness”. This series is about a group of zombie hunters operating in a world where people do not believe in zombies but the zombie apocalypse is on the horizon. The hunters try to keep the the apocalypse from happening but soon learn that it may be inevitable and the zombies might be the least of their problems. The website for this project is and I am planning on releasing the first episode in March.

The part I am auctioning off is for a two part episode where you not only will be killed off and be reanimated as a zombie you will get the honor of killing off one of the main characters, one of the members of the zombie hunter team.

Once the winner is determined I will get in contact with you and discuss the part. This will not just be a character with your name tacked on, I will discuss it with you and if you have the proper audio recording equipment (clean recording) you may even be offered to voice the part yourself.

This set will be auctioned in the Bespoke items timeslot on February 27th

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